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Sakura Bloom

QuirkyBaby QuickPick -- choose a Sakura Bloom ring sling if:

  • You need a one-shouldered baby carrier for newborns through toddlers for front and hip carries
  • You want the ring sling's excellent adjustability and easy poppability for quick up and down use
  • You want a wide-shouldered ring sling that ergonomically distributes your baby's weight across your shoulder and back
  • You love natural and durable fabrics in linen or silk that are as comfortable as they are gorgeous
*Currently, QuirkyBaby physically stocks Sakura Bloom's Classic Linen collection.  If you would like to special order a Sakura Bloom from another collection, please email rachel@quirkybaby.com

What It Is

Sakura Bloom ring slings take the art of babywearing to a new level with a simple yet practical design executed in top-quality natural fabrics of linen and silk. These beautiful fabrics are as functional as they are lovely to look at and to feel. Whether you choose a single layer linen for cool breathability or a double layer silk or linen for additional supportiveness, these natural fibers are durable and surprisingly practical for everyday or special-occasion use. The wide gathered shoulder helps the ring sling fabric cup your shoulder and spread out across your back for optimal weight distribution. The brushed aluminum Sling Rings enable easy adjusting of the unpadded edges of the ring sling's fabric.

How It Works

The end, or tail, of the ring sling is gathered from side to side like an accordian, and threads through the rings with the fabric spread out so that the edges line up. The ring sling sits on your shoulder, with tail in front, rings at corsage position. Baby goes into the pocket formed by the ring sling fabric in front, while the fabric spreads out flat on your back from the gathered shoulder to your side. The pocket is tightened to keep baby securely in position via the edges (also called rails) for a custom fit. The tail of the ring sling can hang down, flowing freely, or be wrapped around the rings for a sleeker look. Baby can be positioned upright on your front with legs froggied in for a newborn or out for a larger baby; in a semi-reclined position for nursing; or in a hip carry for older babies. The adjustability of the Sakura Bloom ring sling makes it easy to reposition baby as needed.

Linen or Silk?

Sakura Bloom linen and silk textiles are totally natural fibers, which are breathable and keep parent and baby cooler in hot weather. Both linen and silk dry quickly, breathe beautifully, and provide excellent support. Here are some differences between the two:

The silk used in Sakura Bloom silk ring slings is amazing....it's not shiny or slippery like satin, but a lovely handwoven nubby silk with natural variations in the weave. Silk fibers are very short, allowing the sling to mold to your baby and your body without stretching and without being too tight. It has the right amount of grip to envelope you and baby perfectly, for the right fit every time. It is supportive and breathable with an elegant drape. But don't think it's too fancy for everyday use! Sakura Bloom silk ring slings can machine washed, handwashed, or dry cleaned.

Linen Sakura Bloom ring slings have a different set of advantages. Linen is naturally anti-bacterial and wicks moisture away, drying quickly on its own, so it's a great choice for hot and humid climates or for parents and babies who tend to run hot. Linen is made from flax, one of the strongest natural fibers available. Linen will soften with use and will wrinkle somewhat, giving it its distinctive hand and character. Linen is also easy to care for with machine or handwashing.

Single or Double Layer?

Silk Sakura Bloom ring slings come only in a double layer style. Because linen is so strong and supportive, linen Sakura Bloom ring slings are available in both single and double layers. If you are new to using ring slings and/or have a newborn, I recommend a Sakura Bloom Classic Linen.  If you want a more supportive ring sling for a heavier older baby or toddler, a double layer silk or linen Sakura Bloom ring sling is the way to go. 

Carrying Positions
  • Front upright with legs froggied in or out for newborns and young babies
  • Semi-reclined (cradle) position for nursing
  • Buddha position (legs tucked in, baby facing out) for 3-4+ months with good head control
  • Hip carry for older babies through toddlers with good head and torso control
  • Not suitable for back carries
  • All babies
    • Newborns through toddlers in front and hip carries
    • Not suitable for back carries
  • Most adults
    • One size fits all
    • Can be worn on right or left shoulder
  • Wide, gathered shoulder
  • Brushed aluminum SlingRings
  • Machine washable (cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent); hang to dry and steam iron.
  • Or dry clean (eco-friendly, non-toxic dry cleaning only please for your baby's health and safety!).
  • Made in USA
All special order Sakura Bloom ring slings will incur a 20% restocking fee on returns or exchanges.
Sakura Bloom Classic Collection
Sakura Bloom Classic Collection
Single layer linen slings
Sakura Bloom Chambray Collection
Sakura Bloom Chambray Collection
Double layer of soft, supportive Belgian linen in one color
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