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Moby Wrap

QuirkyBaby QuickPick -- choose the Moby Wrap if:
  • You are pregnant or have a newborn and want a great newborn/young baby carrier
  • You're looking for a comfortable, ergonomic, hands-free two-shoulder carrier
  • You need a great baby shower gift to introduce a friend to babywearing
  • You want a poppable carrier you can put on once and "pop" baby in and out of
What It Is

The Moby Wrap stretchy wrap is simply a long piece of soft, jersey-knit cotton with serged edges and tapered ends that wraps around your body and is tied in a full knot, forming a snug and secure pocket for your baby. There are no buckles, snaps, rings, or other fasteners. A wrap-style baby carrier is comfortable and ergonomic for you as well as for baby. The design of the Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as both shoulders, to carry your baby's weight. Baby's entire body is swaddled close to yours, giving baby the same comfort and closeness as in utero, and allowing him or her to hear and feel your heartbeat, breathing, and voice as well as the soothing motions of your everyday activities. The Moby Wrap is perfect for kangaroo care for premature babies.

How It Works

It doesn't take a master's degree in origami to learn to use the Moby Wrap! Once you master the basic method for tying the stretchy wrap, you will use the same method for carrying your newborn or older baby facing you or facing the world. Even better, you can put the carrier on and "pop" baby in and out without having to take the carrier off and put it back on. Baby needs a diaper change? Pop him out, clean him up, and pop him back in. Running errands? Pre-tie the Moby Wrap with the knot on your side or on your front, and pop baby out of the Moby Wrap and into the carseat and vice-versa: leave the carseat where it belongs, in the car, and baby will be happy snug and warm against you while you have your hands free! The Moby Wrap comes with a full-color, detailed instruction booklet and some great videos are available online.

Carrying Positions
  • Front facing in (newborns and young babies without good head control)
  • Front facing out (babies with good head control, from about 3 months)
  • Not appropriate for back carries
  • 5.5 meters (5 meters for Moby D) fits almost all adults
    • Shorter/more petite parents simply wrap the ends around 
    • Larger/fluffier parents will tie the knot on the back
  • Fits newborns and young babies comfortably to 20 pounds
    • Carrier is rated to 35 pounds but in my experience most parents are ready to move to a more supportive carrier and one that can do back carries around 20-25 pounds