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Maya Wrap

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QuirkyBaby QuickPick: choose the Maya Wrap Ring Sling if --

  • you want a highly adjustable, compact front carrier for a small baby and a poppable hip carrier for a toddler
  • you want the ease of a pouch-style sling that's fully adjustable
  • you'd like a baby sling carrier with a built-in nursing cover and sunshade
  • you'd prefer a sturdy, washable, breathable hand-loomed cotton fabric for your baby sling
  • you want the choice of a lightly padded structured shoulder that doesn't restrict arm movement OR a classic gathered shoulder that can be adjusted to narrow or widen for your desired comfort
What It Is

The Maya Wrap ring sling is a length of hand-loomed, 100% cotton that threads through a set of two lightweight but strong aluminum rings. The LP (or lightly padded) shoulder features a unique, padded shoulder that comfortably cups your shoulder and pleats that spread out to distribute baby's weight across your shoulder and torso. The set structure keeps the shoulder of the sling sitting comfortably on the top and ball of your shoulder without fabric coming down over your upper arm and restricting arm movement. The Comfort Fit shoulder features a classic gathered shoulder with a comfort band allowing you to adjust the spread of the shoulder to your desired width and an elastic seam across the back of the shoulder to prevent overspreading.  The more spread the shoulder is, the farther down your upper arm and back the fabric can cover, offering more support for heavier babies. The unpadded edges of the ring sling adjust easily for a custom fit but won't slip out of place. There's a pocket in the ring sling's tail with a concealed zipper for carrying small, lightweight items. The Maya Wrap's hand-loomed cotton fabric is sturdy but highly breathable and softens with time and use to a wonderful linen-like feel.

How It Works

The fabric of the ring sling's tail is threaded through the rings. This forms a pouch for baby to be carried in. You put on the ring sling by slipping your head and one arm through the loop, with the rings and tail in the front. Baby goes in a front or hip carrying position in the pouch formed by the two edges. You adjust the fit by tightening or loosening the edges, or "rails," at the rings. The ring sling's tail can be left flowing loose, wrapped around the rings for a more tailored look, tucked into the pocket of the sling, or used as a cover for discreet breastfeeding, weather protection, or a sleeping baby. The Maya Wrap ring sling comes with an instructional pamphlet and DVD; you can preview the DVD here.

Carrying Positions for the Maya Wrap Ring Sling
  • Front facing in, in a heart to heart position with legs froggied in for newborns or very small babies
  • Front facing in, in a heart to heart position with legs out and rear end supported by the pocket, for babies who have good head control
  • Front facing out, legs folded in front in a Buddha position for older babies who have good head control
  • Hip carry, for babies from 5-6 months who have good head and torso control
  • Most parents will comfortably wear a size medium Maya Wrap. Most Maya Wrap ring slings are available in Medium only (with a few Large in certain colorways), but please contact me for special ordering of different sizes. 
    • 73" long
    • Tail will be longer on shorter parents and shorter on taller parents.
  • Fits babies from 8 to 35 pounds
    • Small babies can be carried comfortably for longer carries when sling is properly adjusted
    • Bigger/heavier children can be carried comfortably for shorter periods of time on the hip; great for quick up-downs but not the best for longer periods or for hiking, walking etc.
  • Light padding in the shoulder; your choice of a lightly padded structured shoulder with pleating (Lightly Padded/LP) or a gathered shoulder (Comfort Fit)
  • Anodized aluminum sling rings are weight-tested to 250 pounds
  • Concealed zipper pocket in the tail of the ring sling
  • 100% hand-loomed cotton, free of harmful dyes, chemicals, or metals
  • Made in Guatemala through fair labor/fair trade practices